Dear America, 

I’ve been thinking of first kiss. I suppose I should say first kisses, but what I mean is the second, the one I was actually invited to give you. Did I ever tell you how I felt that night? It wasn’t just getting my first kiss ever, it was getting to have that first kiss with you. I’ve seen so much, America, had access to the corners of our planet. But never have I come across anything so painfully beautiful as that kiss. I wish it was something I could catch with a net or place in a book. I wish it was something I could save and share with the world so I could tell the universe: this is what it’s like; this is how it feels when you fall.
These letters are so embarrassing. I’ll have to burn them before you get home.




Imagine if after Frigga died Sif went to Loki’s cell to tell him; they yell, they fight, they break down, hold each other, and submit to their feelings. Afterwards Sif misinterprets something Loki says and Loki is of course going to be a jerk since she has such little trust in him. The same plot…

Ahhhhhhh so sad ahhhh